Containers for Cold Shipping

Refrigerated Containers

Carolina Container Connection sells Refrigerated Shipping Containers (Reefers) in North and South Carolina, including Charleston, Charlotte and Raleigh, as well as nationwide. Containers are available in 20-foot, 40-foot, and 40-foot high cube sizes. We offer 3 phase electric refrigerated containers and also sell the generators without the container (Genset). We sell North and South Carolina refrigerated shipping containers both new and used, available in Charleston, Charlotte and Raleigh. For information on national pricing and availability, contact our container sales department.

Refrigerated containers are essentially insulated dry vans containing built-in refrigeration units. These containers keep perishable goods cold or frozen and are designed to operate at temperatures between 80°F and -18°F (27°C and -28°C). If you need to ship food-grade cargo locally or internationally, come to Carolina Container Connection for a variety of refrigerated container options.

20 Foot Refrigerated Shipping Container (Reefer)

Typical Dimensions

Interior Width: 2286 mm (7 ft 6.0 in) Cubic Volume: 28.4 cu m (1004.5 cu ft) Gross: 30480 kg (67196 lbs)
Interior Height: 2265 mm (7 ft 5.2 in) Door Width: 2286 mm (7 ft 6.0 in) Payload: 27280 kg (60141 lbs)
Interior Length: 5485 mm (17 ft 11.9 in) Door Height: 2224 mm (7 ft 3.6 in) Tare Weight: 3200 kg (7055 lbs)


40 Foot Refrigerated Shipping Container (Reefer)

Typical Dimensions

Interior Width: 2291 mm (7 ft 6.2 in) Cubic Volume: 58.9 cu m (2083.3 cu ft) Gross: 32500 kg (71650 lbs)
Interior Height: 2225 mm (7 ft 3.6 in) Door Width: 2291 mm (7 ft 6.2 in) Payload: 28390 kg (62588 lbs)
Interior Length: 11558 mm (37 ft 11.0 in) Door Height: 2191 mm (7 ft 2.2 in) Tare Weight: 4110 kg (9062 lbs)

Next day delivery offered in most areas! Call today for more information about our refrigeration food shipping containers in North and South Carolina.